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Steve got a writing toolkit for Christmas, and last night we each took one of its’ emery boards, each with a prompt on it, and started writing. Then he interrupted us every 5 minutes with another line we used to change the direction of our stories. My starting prompt was I loved the way she said “balloon”. She said it as if she were blowing bubbles., and the interruptions, are in italics below. Here’s what I came up with… … Continue readingInterruptions

Two poems …

I wrote a couple of poems . The first is my take on an ‘echo’ poem. The prompt was ‘edge’ so typically oblique, I made U2’s guitarist the subject. For the 2nd, a diamante poem, the prompts were a starting point of ‘young’ and an ending of ‘old’. The idea was a smooth transition from one to the other… … Continue readingTwo poems …

Tommy’s tale

“Tell them Tommy. It might help.” she said. Her partner, who was probably in his early 60s, seemed reluctant to go forward, but eventually he moved towards the light and speaking hesitantly at first, said, “I’ve an experience to share.” He looked around at the expectant onlookers. “My sister thinks it might be good for me if I tell you my story. She calls it a story, anyway. But it won’t make the snow disappear and I don’t think it will make the train come any sooner.” … Continue readingTommy’s tale

black and white linoprint headshot of a young Dylan Thomas looking downwards


From the Latin word for “patchwork,” the cento (or collage poem) is a poetic form made up of lines from poems by other poets. Though poets often borrow lines from other writers and mix them in with their own, a true cento is composed entirely of lines from other sources. Early examples can be found in the work of Homer and Virgil. Quite good company, huh?! … Continue readingCento

Perfect Day

As part of an exercise in characterisation, the men in my class were asked to write a piece about a woman, and the ladies were to write about a man. Examples given to us were from Alan Bennett’s “A Chip In the Sugar”. I haven’t read the book, but to my knowledge, this lady never lived ‘oop North’… … Continue readingPerfect Day


Here’s a ‘concrete poem’ I wrote. Concrete, pattern, or shape poetry is … “poetry in which the typographical arrangement of words is as important in conveying the intended effect as the conventional elements of the poem, such as meaning of words, rhythm, rhyme, and so on. Judge for yourself if I managed it! … Continue readingSpoon

The Rock

I think this was one of the first pieces of ‘flash fiction’, for want of a better term, I ever wrote in the first Creative Writing class I attended, in 2009. It came out of a lesson to which my tutor brought a smooth khaki coloured rock, and told us the 15 ideas it had given him for a story. He asked us to use our imagination and to come up with something ourselves … … Continue readingThe Rock


This poem was inspired by watching tv adverts showing shiny, happy people buying nice sofas, immediately followed by ‘Warzone’. ‘Warzone’ was a Channel 5 documentary series following the lives of British servicemen and women at Kandahar Airbase, Afghanistan. Amongst the team was a fire crew, who had put out a plane fire.. … Continue readingSonnet