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Watch my video while listening to my poem, “For Your Pleasure”, written following an exhibition I went to by Vik Muniz at CAC Malaga, in Oct 2012.

The artist

Vik Muniz is a Brazilian artist who co-opted people, who live on a vast landfill site in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil called Jardim Granacho, to be a part of one of his art projects. Before Vik arrived, the folk who would help him, sieved through the dump’s garbage every day for items to sell, so they could live.

The art

Together, under Vik’s direction, the workers created all of the art installations in the video, using garbage picked up from the dump, which Vik then photographed top-down high up off a gantry. The photographs were printed, framed and exhibited at exhibitions all around the world, where they were bought by collectors.

The artist donated nearly all of the proceedings from  sales of the art installations back to the Jardim Granacho workers and their own social projects. The artists (for so they became while working with Vik) lives changed completely. This amazing project was filmed for a DVD called “Wasteland” which you can purchase here: http://amzn.to/1TluN4y .  The film is every bit as fascinating and heartwarming as the blurb on the back of the DVD case says it is.

Musical connections

I use the phrase “For Your Pleasure” in the poem and used it as the title. I was inspired by the title of the 2nd Roxy Music album. The lead singer of Roxy Music, Bryan Ferry, attended art college in Newcastle and the band were forever tied to Art as an inspiration for their music. As an adolescent their music had a profound effect on me, and I felt it would be fitting to use it in this poem.

The guitar music on my video is called “Granaina” and is played by Pepe Habuelcha. It’s available on the album, “The Beginner’s Guide to Flamenco” which you can purchase here: http://amzn.to/29jz0FB

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