I’ve completed reading another free audiobook!


Having wet my head recently in the world of audiobook narration, I’ve finally completed recording another for LibriVox. It’s available to listen to for free below

The new book Memories and Adventures by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle may not appear to be quite as glamorous as my first audiobook venture which, by the way has now had 45,181 49,508 page views.

However this author has once again, been very much in the public eye, thanks most recently to the acting of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, in the Sherlock Holmes stories on BBC television.

Almost unbelievably from where we stand today, Sherlock Holmes was possibly the least of Arthur Conan Doyle’s achievements. Conan Doyle, during his 71 years, was a General Practitioner, a playwright, a theatre impresario, he spent time in West Africa, went to the Arctic on a whaling ship as a fisherman, and was a press man in the Boer and First World War on the British, French and Italian fronts. He also met some of the leading lights of the day including Lord Kitchener, Arthur Balfour (Prime Minister), Lloyd George (also a Prime Minister) and even Oscar Wilde (yes, the infamous Irish author) and all of these meetings feature in the 32 chapters of this book!