Man looking at huge screen of departures and arrivals in a station or airport

Dieppe to Paris

The two of us and Piper the chihuahua arrive in Dieppe to travel to Paris via Rouen

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aerial view of Dieppe, France

Arrival sur le Continent

All about how we nearly got away with incarcerating our pet in a ship's hold and travelled by ferry to Dieppe

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the stage and catwalk of the Rolling Stones show surrounded by a massive crowd

The Rolling Stones at Old Trafford, Manchester. June 5th 2018.

I went to see the Rolling Stones in Manchester. It was, really... amazing. No exaggeration. Read about it.

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Cargo ship in a port early morning

Ferry cross the Channel

Read about our journey from Newhaven, Sussex, across the English Channel to Dieppe in a bid to escape the UK winter

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Borrow box library audiobooks logo

Borrow Box

If your library closed in the recent council budget cuts you can still borrow ebooks and audiobooks from your library service online or via an app on your phone

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Book review: “Arthur Ransome and Captain Flint’s Trunk”

Read my appreciation of Christina Hardyment's "Captain Flint's Trunk" on Go on. You know you want to...

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