In the park


I had an appointment to get my laptop battery fixed. But before the appointment I ate a sandwich in the town’s attractive, undulating park, within a square containing some fine original buildings, a new hotel, but mostly business buildings for solicitors, accountants etc. I recorded a few notes on my phone, which I’ve transcribed below, so now I can delete my recordings.

As you read the few lines below, listen to this extract from Chimerical on called Quiet Park.

“On a dull Autumn day in the park, people walk up and down the lawns. I sit down on a bench and 2 passing girls appear to envy me my seat. Thwarted, they move on looking for somewhere free to eat their lunch. A boy pushes a girl, his sister I assume, who looks too old for a buggy, up and down the hilly paths, testing his strength and treating his sibling to some different views. A smartly dressed businessman passes me, heaving a hefty briefcase bag over his shoulder. And a punk, with his Staffordshire bull terrier wearing a thick studded collar, glowers in a corner. 3 young squirrels run up and down and around a thick tree trunk, entirely in their own world.”