CAC and Centre Pompidou Màlaga


In 2018 on a day when I was starting with “man ’flu“, I revisited CAC, and went on to look inside Centre Pompidou Màlaga, for the first time.

I visited the CAC (Contemporary Art Centre) in Dec 2018, for the Hernan Bas exhibition.

The last time I’d been here was to Vik Muniz’s “Wasteland” exhibition. Before that, to a Gilbert and George show.

This was the first Spanish exhibition (called “A Brief Intermission”) for Miami artist, Hernan Bas. It comprised 36 very contemporary paintings and drawings. Interestingly, Bas features no women in any of his paintings. He is only interested in painting males. That’s why I describe it as a very contemporary exhibition. Perhaps if he’s painted many years ago Bas would have felt the pressure of society and would have painted token women. But not now.

For me this predominance of males became a little claustrophobic. However the work was very good.

“Sorting out Andy” was on view. It’s a massive painting visualising the cataloguing of Warhol’s home and artefacts after his death. The large painting was created for this exhibition.

There were other non-Bas smaller exhibitions in the main room, and the usual long standing artworks I’d seen before, on previous visits.

Having exhausted the possibilities of the CAC I didn’t want to visit the chic cafe/restaurante by the exit. Instead I walked right across town to the mostly beautiful port area, to visit the Pompidou Centre. This is an art gallery and exhibition space at Muelle Uno, Puerto de Málaga. Look for the Rubik’s Cube which is above the ground. You can’t miss it! I saw so many exhibits there, which you can also see in the video below.

Incidentally, the Pompidou Centre has a great gift shop, suitable for every pocket! I bought a couple of shopping bags featuring Van Gogh on one and Gustav Klimt on the other. Great for my wife and mother-in-law.  They love shopping much more than I do.

CAC has a bookshop too. All the books are in Spanish as far as I could tell. It’s more serious than Centre Pompidou’s offering. There aren’t as many toys, keyring, rubbers etc. in CAC’s bookshop…

Tell me whatcha think!

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