A day at CAC Màlaga and Centre Pompidou Màlaga


Here’s a video of my visit to CAC Malaga in Dec 2018, including the Hernan Bas exhibition. I read this was the first exhibition for the Miami artist in Spain, comprising 36 very contemporary paintings and drawings. Interestingly, or you might consider otherwise, Bas features NO women in any of his paintings.

Entitled “A Brief Intermission”, the exhibition included the piece “Sorting out Andy”, a massive painting visualising the necessary cataloguing of Warhol’s home and artefacts following his death. This was created for this exhibition, and continued the Warhol theme in Malaga.

Also on the same day I visited the Pompidou Centre (at Pasaje Doctor Carrillo Casaux, s/n 29016 Muelle Uno, Puerto de Málaga) getting under the quasi Rubik’s Cube for the first time. I saw so many exhibits there and it has a great memento shop, suitable for every pocket!

CAC has a book shop too, but it is a bit more serious in content than Centre Pompidou’s offering.

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