A poem about Vik Muniz’s exhibition at CAC Malaga in 2012

A poem about Vik Muniz’s exhibition at CAC Malaga in 2012

In 2012 I visited Vik Muniz’s exhibition at CAC Malaga. The exhibition featured the Wasteland project which Muniz created with garbage tip workers. Returning home from holiday I wrote a poem about Vik Muniz’s exhibition at CAC Malaga in 2012. I made a post and made a video of the art and a soundtrack with me reading the poem. But I didn’t transcribe the words of the poem, so have put them here.



Windows on unexplored worlds 

Appear before me in whitespace 

Which dot 

Which pixel 

Was the first germ? 

Did he mean the first impression to be the spur? 

Or was the idea itself the progenitor?


Out of peanut butter and jelly 

Swirls Mona Lisa’s oh-so-familiar smile 

But is she licking her lips? 

My taste buds pucker  

To synapse these flavonoids


She smiles across the room 

At a Mercator view  

Of a world generated  

Out of the detritus of hardware 

Dumped in a headlong rush 

For speedier personal computation


See a mirror image  

Of stars and stripes meld 

In green flower and broccoli head 

Then fade and droop in a moment 

As the split season falls


This beautiful girl 

All pouting lips and glitter tears 

Encased in an amber of  

Cheap China plastic toys 

Cries out for familial love 

For God’s Sake 

Just make some human contact


Frankenstein and the Count 

Etched metal bolt and cowlick 

Smirk in the incredible edible richness 

Of salty black pearls


An installation in identical photo frames 

Captures 28 unique unidentifiable objects 

Each one created 

One by one 

From its own white plasticine ball


From elasticity 

The removal of cut diamonds in a frame 

Reveals reproductions of iconic Hollywood pouts 

High cheekbones and brows 

Adopt luxury parallelograms


And here 

The artist directs from the ground 

A sky writer executing on clear blue canvas 

A cartoon cloud 

To be a toy for thermals


This disparate band of the disowned 

Who work the dump 

Resolve into view out of tin cans shoes and tires 

As though shaken and swirled by kaleidescope


Come out into the glare heat and stink 

But care not 

For the rooms in those explored worlds 

Were recorded in your mind 

And can be retrieved at will 

For your pleasure. 





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In 2008 I attended a couple of creative writing courses. Then I joined a writing group and wrote some more. Eventually I ended up with a lot of pieces of work scattered around in books and folders, as well as floating around the Internet. I bought a domain name and decided a blog would be a nice place to put my writing. This is my creative outlet and I hope you find something here you like.

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