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Listen to the latest weekly episode of “The Late Show”. I broadcast on Sunday’s at 10pm on This latest episode includes music from Prefab SproutArctic MonkeysDylan Henner, Bob Dylan, Steely DanGrace Ives and more.

Before the pandemic I recorded “The Late Show” in a dedicated studio at the local hospital. However when COVID-19′ hit’, the hospital took back the studio to use as a (coronavirus) admin office. Since then Bay Trust Radio (which is based in Kendal, Cumbria, UK) has been waiting for the hospital to release an area to become the new studio. We know it will happen in time.

During the pandemic I’ve been recording my show at home. It’s taken quite a while to get my little studio setup working how I like it. Even though it’s in part of a spare bedroom it’s still not too echoey. I’ve bought a mixer and an xlr microphone to connect to the main studio in Kendal, Cumbria, UK over the internet and on the airwaves.

About Bay Trust Radio

On their website Bay Trust Radio says ….

“We are here to provide you with the best radio station in the area! Our team of volunteers are from Lancashire and Cumbria. They provide great shows, the latest news and information that’s important to you.

You can tune into breakfast to start your day or you can follow us on social media and visit the website. Our aim is to promote what’s great about our area. We want to tell you about events you mightn’t know about. And we want to promote wellbeing, across Lancashire and Cumbria.

Bay Trust Radio is a registered charity (Charity Number 506296). A group of volunteers run the radio station. There’s much more information about us on our website.”

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