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Every Monday between 2PM and 5PM on Fylde Coast Radio I play a variety of tunes on my internet radio show “The Music Box”. You can listen on your PC your laptop, or on a Smart Speaker.

If you have a Smart Speaker say “play Fylde Coast Radio”. If that doesn’t work say “play Field Coast Radio”. Sometimes not-so-smart Smart Speakers don’t recognise the F word … just like you and me, it depends how they’re feeling.

In my show I chat about the music. All tunes are selected, with loving care, from my own music collection, purely for our entertainment. I also review what’s going on at the cinema, in the arts and if I’m feeling energetic… there’s a little bit of sport.

You can play the latest one here if you like. I hope you enjoy it.

… and you can read how I got into community radio right here.

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