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Every Monday between 2PM and 5PM (GMT) I play a variety of tunes on my internet “Music Box Radio Show”. I chat about the music and tell you what’s on at the cinema, what’s going on in the arts and occasionally about some local sport. All tunes are selected from my own music collection. Here’s my latest show via Fylde Coast Radio, a community radio station.

Join me for the “live” version of the show, Mondays 2PM (GMT). You can listen on your PC, laptop, or Smart Speaker. Say “play Fylde Coast Radio” to your Smart Speaker. If that doesn’t work, say “play Field Coast Radio”). Smart speakers don’t always recognise the word “Fylde”.

If you can’t listen live, I post an edited recording of the show on the Mixcloud website. That’s where the above show plays from, when you click the play button.

You might need to Sign Up to Mixcloud to listen but you can sign up with Facebook or with an email address and a password you create. Follow the show on Mixcloud and you’ll get an email to tell you when there’s a new one.

You can also read how I got into community radio here.