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We visited Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum where I shot some video on my iPhone, and when I got home, I edited it into a short film using iMovie.

As well as using iMovie on your iPhone, you can also use it to make films on an iPad or a Mac. It’s a free app download for Apple devices. It took me a while to get familiar with using it, but truthfully, the mechanics of making a film with it, are pretty easy, after you’ve practised for a while.

Once you’ve opened iMovie, your videos are already there. Now just drag and drop the frames into a suitable flow. Drop in some photos as required, if they’ll add something to your video. iMovie can do a weird thing, known as the Ken Burns effect, where it makes your still photo look a bit like video. But needless to say, you can turn it off if you like.

Edit your video as much as you like. Shorten a bit here, shorten a bit there. If you like, copy a frame, and split it, then you can use the first half in one part of your film, and the second half in another part of your film. Or the other way round. You can speed up the time of some video, so you can get all the action in, but not slow the pace down too much. Speed it up, for comic effect, if you want. Or make some of it slo-mo (slow motion to the uniniated).

Add some sound effects or a piece of music to the whole. Fade the music out in places where some of your recorded audio would sound good in the foreground. You can change some segments around if you like by dragging and dropping. Create some credits using iMovie too. Nothing much to that, just choose a style of credits and type in credits text you want to see.

When you’ve got used to the interface, all of the above is possible by clicking or tapping simple button controls on the app, all for free.

When you’ve finished making your video, post it to Vimeo or YouTube, and don’t forget to change your Settings to allow the public to see it (I’m one of them), and send me a Comment so I can watch it too.

Here’s my latest. It’s no “War & Peace”, at just 78 seconds long, but I hope you like it.

If you enjoyed that, why not take a look at my video of an exhibition of art made out of garbage in Brazil, called “For Your Pleasure”.

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