Writer’s podcast


A one-off recording I made with my iPhone of creatives in action at a local writing group meeting.  We’d meet every week to chat about all things creative and occasionally do some writing! We were too good not to put in a podcast 🙂

These writers have the cheek to describe themselves as “a useless bunch of scribblers dazzled and bewildered by their success in print”. Well don’t you believe it. They meet every week chat about all things creative and occasionally do some writing, then they read it out loud.

This week the 1st idea gave us all the same starting line to inspire some writing and for the 2nd each of us drew out of a bag a selection of stimulating lines to act as our blue touch paper. Then we just put our minds into overdrive and did some free writing.

So settle back and listen to some original creative writing being read out by real writers, on this podcast. You’re gonna love it…

…well maybe.

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