Sol y Sombra

In 2010 I went to the Feria de Pedro Romero in Ronda, Spain and wrote this poem, “Sol y Sombra” (translation “Sun and Shade”) based on my experience of the Feria Goyesca

I admire the scraped nape and vaseline-smooth
shining hair on senoritas dressed for toros
young girls bright as jewels
incandesce in flamenco dress
gorgeous enough to catch the eye of any matador
though he yearns only for enough time to kiss a crucifix

I saw them chariot in Fran Rivera and Cayetano
and listened for the chilling call of bugles
as I sat in the dusted stone circle
(where eyes must compute sol y sombra)
to witness an officer be proud to cry out loudly
“a man is risking his life here today!”

I love the old roués (assassins in the crowd)
sitting meekly with wives and children
crossing themselves while they pray
for the life of the dark dandy
bloody but unbowed in a golden suit of lights
orchestrating la muerta just for them

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By adewils

In 2008 I attended a couple of creative writing courses. Then I joined a writing group and wrote some more. Eventually I ended up with a lot of pieces of work scattered around in books and folders, as well as floating around the Internet. I bought a domain name and decided a blog would be a nice place to put my writing. This is my creative outlet and I hope you find something here you like.

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