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This Saturday I was at Fylde Coast Radio at 7:00am covering Glenn’s show. A bit early for some, so you can play a recording of my internet radio show “The Music Box” here …

Every Monday between 2PM and 5PM on Fylde Coast Radio I play a variety of tunes on my internet radio show, “The Music Box”. You can listen to the station on your PC, on your laptop, or on a smart speaker like the Amazon Echo. There are lots of live shows to listen to morning, afternoon and evening on Fylde Coast Radio from real people.

If you’ve a smart speaker, say “Alexa play Fylde Coast Radio”. If that doesn’t work say “Alexa play Field Coast Radio”. Sometimes not-so-smart smart speakers don’t recognise the F word …

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  1. I’m pleased that you are enjoying what you are doing my friend …

    Keep smilin,


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