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Read a little about me and this website (aka blog) in a brief resume about night school, writers groups, writing stories and poems.

Readin’ and writin’ have always been easier for me than ‘rithmetic, so that’s why this isn’t a blog about numbers. Mathematicians see beauty in equations, but I never could understand them.

I always enjoyed reading a story more than solving Pythagoras, a subject of which I know as little about as could fit on a pinhead. As a child I read voraciously whenever I could. Then, as probably now, the teacher often wanted kids to write a story in class. It passed the time, expanded our imaginations and gave the teacher valuable time to plan and mark work.

Night school

In my 30s I decided to go to night school and do a creative writing course. I really, really enjoyed it. I felt I could excel and also enjoy the other student’s contributions and learn. Occasionally I bathed in a warm glow of satisfaction following a compliment about my own writing, which was nice.

I came away from the course with quite a few pieces of work I was proud of. Having enjoyed writing again so long after I’d left school I decided I didn’t want to lose my work to an old exercise book on a shelf at home. I would put my stories and poems on a website.

This website

I discovered the domain name I had hoped to use was owned by a garage owner in the Midlands. The owner’s tenure was due to expire in a few months. You can hire a company (probably just a one person company) to buy an unrenewed domain on your behalf, if the owner doesn’t renew within the timeframe… about 2 weeks after expiry.

I was lucky, because the owner was slow to renew and he ‘lost’ the domain name. He was annoyed, sending me an email about the temerity of my action but, in the end, he bought another, which was a variation of his original domain name. He put a hyphen in between his first and second i.e. John-smith.co.uk instead of johnsmith.co.ukj to delineate it from the original which I now owned.

Because I wanted a website with just my name in the domain I didn’t go for a free WordPress blog. I went for ‘self-hosting’. Self-hosting is a bit of a misnomer as you ask another company to host your blog on their servers. But it allows you to use plugins and to design your website more in your own image, as it were. Initially I chose Hostgator.com for hosting my website and set it up using WordPress. After a couple of years I moved the hosting to Siteground as Hostgator got too expensive for me.

Brighter writers

Soon after my classes ended I joined a local writer’s group and found it fantastic to be in the company of other amateur scribblers like myself. Some of my newly discovered writer’s were self-publishing! I started writing some short stories with the idea of self-publishing something, but that is still ‘in the pipeline’ as life has so many other things that eat away at my time.

I wanted the group to progress – at least I saw it as progression – to use a website and podcast. Sadly no one else was interested and we eventually parted ways. Privacy was a big concern for some writer’s. However my new stories and poems weren’t wasted. Most remain on this website. Some are yet to be added. All grist to my mill. My only regret is that since leaving the group, my productivity has almost entirely slackened off. Until now!


While in my originaI writing group I found another one in Preston, which I also attended a couple of times. But I found it too confining as it appeared to be run on ‘authoritarian’ lines. I wasn’t ‘up’ for the organising a literature festival at UCLAN either. There weren’t enough of us to be able to manage it.

‘The work’

As well as stories and poems, you’ll find the occasional video and even a few sketches on here. I’ve spent a lot of time putting this website together. Naturally you have no idea how much tweaking I do day-to-day, adding (and removing) plugins that do little things for the website, updating posts, pages and images to make them as ‘perfect’ as I can. Every time I look, I find something that needs improvement.

So here it is. So far. Ta-da!

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5 Replies to “About me and this website”

  1. Ah, another computer jockey turned writer.That’s me, too, Adrian. Actually, I was a closet writer for nearly as long as I’ve been messing with electrons and bytes, but in the last few years the writing bug has bitten me. I like the sound of your blog. I too am on Insecure Writers Support Group.

  2. Very creative.
    Very enjoyable.
    Very you.
    From one published writer to another (it’s only a matter of time), a credit to the world of words.

  3. And what’ll you do when you finally retire? That oft heard refrain.
    A trip down the pub, walk along the beach or perhaps just a leisurely ride out on the train.
    Ade indeed thought long and hard.
    And finally decided after much thought he’d perhaps become something of a northern bard.
    Near to home or north of the border,
    Our Ade has all the right words in just the right order.
    Indeed within these pages you will no doubt see,
    What a truly talented individual he really is….Not unlike me.
    Well done Ade old son,
    I raise my glass to you and look forward to more literary brilliance from the pen of the remarkable ‘ A.J.Wilson’.

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