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Reading and writing have always been easier for me than ‘rithmetic, so that’s why this isn’t a blog about numbers. Mathematicians see beauty in equations but I never could understand them.

Instead I write stories and poems, make the occasional video and do a bit of sketching as well.

I’ve spent a lot of time putting this website together. I’ve had different themes but this one, Verity Pro, is my favourite so far.

You’ve no idea how much tweaking I do day to day trying to make it as perfect as I can.

Here it is. Ta-da!


5 Replies to “About me”

  1. Ah, another computer jockey turned writer.That’s me, too, Adrian. Actually, I was a closet writer for nearly as long as I’ve been messing with electrons and bytes, but in the last few years the writing bug has bitten me. I like the sound of your blog. I too am on Insecure Writers Support Group.

  2. Very creative.
    Very enjoyable.
    Very you.
    From one published writer to another (it’s only a matter of time), a credit to the world of words.

  3. And what’ll you do when you finally retire? That oft heard refrain.
    A trip down the pub, walk along the beach or perhaps just a leisurely ride out on the train.
    Ade indeed thought long and hard.
    And finally decided after much thought he’d perhaps become something of a northern bard.
    Near to home or north of the border,
    Our Ade has all the right words in just the right order.
    Indeed within these pages you will no doubt see,
    What a truly talented individual he really is….Not unlike me.
    Well done Ade old son,
    I raise my glass to you and look forward to more literary brilliance from the pen of the remarkable ‘ A.J.Wilson’.

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