Bonnie and Clyde


I wrote this when I got a homework request for something biographical in a college class. It was inspired by a BBC 2 Timewatch programme I watched about Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow.

Admittedly both were killers, but anyone’s death, especially in violent circumstances, is poignant, so I tried to make this an emotive piece.

Well… it looks like they finally got me.

Of all the dirty tricks, I never thought they would have stooped that low… parking up Ivy Methvin’s truck like it had a busted tire.  They knew I’d have to stop and take a look. I guess if I’d have been Hamer I’d a’ done the same. That’s who it must have been… Frank Hamer. They could only find us with that tracker. Read about him once in a paper. Was a lone ranger; a Texas Ranger. Thought I saw him behind us just one time, but I might have been mistaken. Coulda just been a ghost.

They was hiding in the bushes, waiting for us like cowards. It was a beautiful Louisiana morning; sky as blue as a kingfisher’s wing, and the dew still on the grass. Everything was just so damn’ fresh. It’s such a shame; we’re gonna miss it all now.

We was looking forward to seeing Henry and taking him back on the road. Henry Methvin’s such a great shot. He sure did for Wheeler and Murphy, over in Grapevine, Easter Sunday just gone by; mind you I wasn’t best pleased. There we was just shootin’ at some birds and drinkin’ whiskey and I fell asleep in the car. Next thing, these two cops turn up. I just wanted to take them hostage, just a ride, show ’em what the V8 could do, but Henry was just too trigger happy. We got separated but we came back for him. Loyalty. That’s important.

That’s what’s so damn’ unfair about this. He’s gone scot free and I’m lyin’ there, half in and half out the car. It’s my blood running down the car floor and drippin’ on the dust, and not Henry’s. Must be more there, than there is in me.

And Bonnie’s in back. I think I can see her moving …like a dyin’ baby bird, just fallen out the nest. I’ll say we look a mess. I hate that. They shot off part of her hand. Poor kid. I can hardly tell it’s her, she’s so banged up.

Jesus! I never hurt this much in my whole life. Not even when that bastard Ed Crowder did …. well, what he did in that shower over at Eastham. I fixed him good and proper with that lead pipe. Sure hope I’m not gonna see him again soon… That brute was 200 pounds, if he was an ounce. I never hurt this bad even when I chopped off my two toes with that axe in Eastham too. Jeez, what a place…

I look terrible. All these bullets… We had 2 sawed off shotguns, 2 automatic rifles, 10 automatic pistols and 1500 rounds of ammunition. How could we not get away with this? Well, I guess I was drivin’ for a start ‘n’ those guys had a B.A.R. I could hear it, singin’ and chatterin’ away, as I got the car round to try and get back up this road. I heard that sound so many times over the last couple years. I guess I won’t be hearing it again…

They called in Hamer after I attacked Eastham. After what those guards did to me in there, I couldn’t let ’em get away with it. I didn’t even kill Joe Crowson in that prison break, that was Palmer. But they blamed me. They blamed everything on me. But I showed ’em; I got 5 convicts away. I embarrassed ’em.

What the hell. Bonnie and me, we’re national celebrities. We’re Robin Hoods. We’ll live forever…

We’ll be the wind in the trees…

© 2009 adewils

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