Sketches of Spain


For a birthday my wife bought me a couple of lessons with an excellent local artist. He paints in watercolours and oils and sketches. I enjoyed these two lessons so much I had a further two.

Peter spends lots of time practising his art out and about and exhibits in the town. I’ve even seen him on the beach with a partner and an easel! Because he was going to Yorkshire for a week’s painting holiday and I was bound for Spain for a month we decided to call a halt after these 4 lessons.

I decided magnificent Malaga was a place where my drawing career could really take off! But as it happens, the only time I took my pencils and paper away from the apartment terrace was as part of a food shopping trip, when I stopped and sat down on a wall by the sea to sketch on the promenade.

Most of my sketches were done from the balcony terrace of the apartment we stay in, which looks over Cerrado de Calderon to Pedregalejo on the Mediterranean Sea. On a wet afternoon I copied a sketch out of a book, “Seascape” by John Titchell.

I found there was so much to see and draw on holiday. I had a great time putting these together in this post when I got home.

“Sketches of Spain”, the title of this post, is the title of a classic jazz long player made in 1960 by the great American jazz trumpeter Miles Davis

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2 Replies to “Sketches of Spain”

  1. These Drawings are really good Adrian… Well done…
    Sylvie x

    1. Thanks for having a look Sylvie, it’s very nice of you to say so. I like some more than others. I can see quite a few perspective issues in them, but they’re not a bad starting place for someone who hasn’t drawn since early schooldays. I’ve really got to get round to doing some more drawing but it seemed a more inviting prospect when I was on holiday. Don’t forget to by again sometime.

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