A video about Vik Muniz’s exhibition at CAC Malaga in 2012


I went to the CAC Malaga in Oct 2012 and was very lucky to see an exhibition by Vik Muniz. It’s hard to believe it’s that long ago.

I took photographs of the photographs  of the “Portraits of Garbage” installations which Muniz created at Jardim Granacho, a Rio landfill site for the exhibition. Taking photos is graciously allowed by the CAC. It is probably the norm at most galleries these days. I’ve done it in Glasgow, Liverpool, London and in Spain.

When I got back I was so impressed by the work I’d seen in the photos I wanted to write about it. Some lines of poetry came to me and I just set it down in verse, non-rhyming of course! You can hear a reading of my poem, which I named “For Your Pleasure”, as a nod to Roxy Music, in the video below. Or you can read the poem here

People lived on Jardim Granacho, eking out a living picking through the garbage for ‘valuable’ items to sell, instructed by gang masters, until the site closed down in 2012 after 34 years of operation.

Muniz made a film about the project as well which he called “Wasteland” and it’s available as a DVD.

The music on the video is “Granaina” by Pepe Habuelcha from the album, “The Beginner’s Guide to Flamenco”, which you can purchase here

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